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School Bus Safety

   I read it in the STN newspaper the other day. Another child is dead. Another statistic to be compiled, another number for the experts. He was someone's baby, someone's joy, and he is gone. His backpack got caught in the bus door. He was the third child this year killed because clothing or something else they were wearing got stuck when they got off the bus. There will be investgations for months to come. Hundreds of questions asked, the answers will probably point to driver distraction, kids "acting up" and distracting the driver for an instant. I can only imagine the sorrow of this child's parents. My thoughts and prayers are with them. All the investigations on earth can't replace him.

   As I write this, the driver of the bus is probably lying awake somewhere, re-living that awful moment. I know I would be. My prayers are with that driver too. Very few lower wage jobs carry as much responsibility as ours, driving a vehicle full of the most precious cargo in the world is an awesome responsibility, we don't do it for the pay.

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